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Wheelie Bin Latch

For those requiring restricted access to their bins, the Wheelie Bin Latch is a DIY access restriction device that reduces unwanted opening of bins lids.

Unlike the access restriction devices often used to reduce the lid opening height, the Wheelie Bin Latch allows for full lid opening and will automatically unlatch upon garbage collection.

Additionally, the Wheelie Bin Latch can be padlocked for added security during long periods of absence or when bins are exposed to higher risk access.

  • Stops birds, animals and strong winds lifting your bin lid
  • Automatically unlatches upon garbage collection - side load collection trucks only
  • Can be padlocked to prevent identity theft and unwanted human access to bin (padlock not included)
  • Does not affect normal use of the bin
  • Fits all residential size bins (120L and 240L varieties)
  • Easy installation
  • Made from a high impact and high temperature resistant plastic

Wheelie Bin Latch Installation Instructions

Wheelie Bin Latch - How It Works

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