SHELVIT Shelving System: Double Shelf Brackets

The SHELVIT shelving system is one of the most popular DIY shelving systems in Australia. The system is basically comprised of stripping, brackets, shelf rests and shelves. The stripping mounts to the wall or suitable panel and the brackets locate into the stripping to form the basis of the shelf.

Recommended weight loads

Bracket Size | Max. Load
150mm | 90kg per bracket
200mm | 70kg per bracket
250mm | 60kg per bracket
300mm | 60kg per bracket
350mm | 80kg per bracket
400mm | 75kg per bracket
450mm | 60kg per bracket
500mm | 45kg per bracket

The recommended maximum loads are based upon a failure point of bracket to wallstrip, not wallstrip to wall. Loadings are assumed to be static loads spread evenly over the entire shelf.
Double shelf brackets available in the following:

SB23116 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 130mm | White
SB23126 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 180mm | White
SB23136 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 230mm | White
SB23146 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 270mm | White
SB23156 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 320mm | White
SB23166 | Double 2 Lug 31.7 mm Pitch | 370mm | White


SHELVIT brackets are made from punched steel and incorporate unique self-locking bracket lugs which hold the brackets firmly in the stripping while minimising the lateral shelf movement.
The brackets are made using a 31.7mm pitch (distance between lugs).  A variety of standard sizes ensures that they are suitable for most decors.

  • System Category: Double Shelf Brackets
  • Sub-category: Shelving
  • Weight Capacity: 90kg
  • Internal/External: Internal
  • Mounting Application: Wall Mounted

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