SHELVIT Shelving System: Hang Rail (Ring) Brackets

The SHELVIT shelving system is one of the most popular DIY shelving systems in Australia. The system is basically comprised of stripping, brackets, shelf rests and shelves. The stripping mounts to the wall or suitable panel and the brackets locate into the stripping to form the basis of the shelf.

Standard Hang Rail (Ring) Brackets available in the following:
SG72626 | Hang Rail (Ring) Bracket 40.5 mm Pitch | 280mm | White
SG72627 | Hang Rail (Ring) Bracket 40.5 mm Pitch | 280mm | Chrome
SG72636 | Hang Rail (Ring) Bracket 40.5 mm Pitch | 350mm | White
SG72637 | Hang Rail (Ring) Bracket 40.5 mm Pitch | 350mm | Chrome

SG72700 | Hang Rail End Stop |



These brackets are used to hold a hanging rail (25mm O.D. tube) which is to support items such as coat hangers.
The brackets are standard 3-lug type in 280mm and 350mm and have a ring welded to the tip.
This ring will accept up to a 25mm diameter tube and has a thumb screw tapped into one side for stabilisation.

  • System Category: Hang Rail (Ring) Brackets
  • Sub-category: Shelving
  • Internal/External: Internal

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