Triumph Folding 25kg

The Triumph Folding Door Track System combines an enclosed track with a 4-wheel carriage and sturdy steel pivot sets for a reliable folding door system. The fully sealed ZZ ball bearing wheels make for a quiet and smooth operation whilst the steel and brass pivots account for durability and reliability. The Triumph system is ideal for 2-4 doors in one direction but may also be used for up to 8 doors with the use of a bottom guide system.

  • Enclosed Aluminium track in clear anodised – top mount
  • Top and Bottom mounted pivots
  • End pivoting – up to 18kg per panel
  • Centre pivoting – up to 25kg per panel
  • 75mm Fast-fix hinges – chrome plated
  • Door mounted wheel assembly with quick-release mechanism
  • Optional bottom guide and aluminium guide channel
  • System Category: Door Track Systems
  • Sub-category: Folding
  • Weight Capacity: 25kg
  • Internal/External: Internal
  • Mounting Application: Top Mounted

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