SHELVIT Shelving System: Shelf Rests

The SHELVIT shelving system is one of the most popular DIY shelving systems in Australia. The system is basically comprised of stripping, brackets, shelf rests and shelves. The stripping mounts to the wall or suitable panel and the brackets locate into the stripping to form the basis of the shelf.

Standard Shelf Rests available in the following:
SB29010 | End Clip with Grommet
SB29110 | Centre Clip with Grommets
SB29210 | Square Clip with Pad
R10100 | End Clip (No Grommet)
R10200 | Centre Clip (No Grommets)
R10300 | Grommet


Optional plastic shelf rests can be used with either glass or timber shelves to reduce movement.
The rubber “grommet” helps minimise movement of glass shelves but may also be removed to allow for screwing to a timber shelf.

  • System Category: Shelf Rests
  • Sub-category: Shelving
  • Internal/External: Internal

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